Trusts and Estates Group

Compassionate attention to the intergenerational transfer of wealth has been a hallmark of Rosenfeld’s practice since its founding.  While estate and gift tax considerations often drive the discussion, even more important can be the personal and emotional aspects of formulating and implementing an estate plan.  The firm’s trusts and estates group provides dynamic representation in both estate planning and estate and trust administration.

On the planning side, we work with clients to develop the range of documents necessary to give effect to their wishes.  These can include wills, various trusts, beneficiary designations, powers of attorney, and directives about medical care and treatment.  The process includes a review of available assets, a dialogue about client goals, and often an assessment of particular needs of affected individuals.

On the administration side, we offer skilled advice to trustees, executors and beneficiaries in complying with and interpreting estate planning documents, addressing complex tax issues, and resolving disputes.

The firm is responsive to shifts away from a traditional family structure, providing sensitive counsel to unmarried individuals and couples as well as members of blended families.  In addition, charitable gifts and bequests figure increasingly in client wishes, and ample expertise is available for exploring the array of philanthropic planning options.